About Us

chisiamo1The company, Bellini s.r.l., founded after the war, since its very first years has harvested and distributed fruits and vegetables. Over the years, its emphasis on processing and packaging, has always distinguished the product offered to its clientele.

Bellini s.r.l., sensitive to the changing needs of consumers and new organizational scenarios in the Italian produce sector in Italy, in 1999, it elaborated the “Controlled Production Chain” program and proposed it to the commercial farms that supplied vegetables.

chisiamo2The objective was to ensure high quality standards in the presentation of the product together with an intrinsic quality in the products marketed productions marketed, guaranteed by the presence of Bellini s.r.l. also in the field of cultivation, in order to involve the agricultural producer in the quality growth of its products.

The organizational change in the structure of the company was revised in the name of the new strategy and created the basis towards achieving certifications. Currently, the major Italian groups of Organized Distribution, or retail chains, are supplied on a daily basis.